Our Group

that manufacture and market Premix

In addition to Thai Nisshin Technomic Co., Ltd., the Nisshin Seifun Group`s B to B premix business companies include ”Nisshin Seifun Premix Inc.” in Japan, "Shin Nisshin Seifun Foods (Qingdao) Co., Ltd." in China, "Vietnam Nisshin Technomic Co., Ltd." in Vietnam, and "PT. Indonesia Nisshin Technomic" in Indonesia.

Thai Nisshin Technomic Co., Ltd. and these four companies are working to expand premix business in each country, and are collaborating across regions to develop, manufacture and market high-quality, safe and reliable premix to customers and consumers around the world.

The Nisshin Seifun Group will continue to propose optimal production and sales bases that meet customer needs for premix.