Our guiding philosophies

“The basis of business is built on trust”


“Being in tune with the changing business climate”


Our corporate principle

“Contributing to a healthy and fruitful life for all”


Nisshin Flour Milling founder Teiichiro Shoda said, “We must always remember that a business is connected to society. A company that works solely for its own benefit will not survive for very long. Trust is the foundation of all business.” The Nisshin Seifun Group’s strong devotion to fulfilling our social responsibility and generating sustainable growth is rooted in these words from the Company’s inception and remains in our DNA to this day. We will remain true to our founding spirit as we seek to continue growing as a global corporate group.

Following our founding spirit, the Nisshin Seifun Group has built a solid business foundation over more than 120 years of constantly facing social issues. The world is currently undergoing major changes, including demographic changes, deepening issues related to the environment and food resources, diversifying food preferences, growing awareness about health and safety, and advances in technology. The Group is responding to these changes by constantly transforming to create various types of value and contribute to society while generating sustained growth.

Based on the Nisshin Seifun Group's corporate guiding philosophies and corporate principle, Thai Nisshin Technomic will also support the development of customers by developing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality, safe and reliable premixes, and contribute to a healthy and fruitful life for all people around the world.